10/22/20 Power Five

1. Just Give Poor People Money – “A 2018 US Agency of International Development study of cash giving in nutrition programs in Rwanda…found that households that got cash instead of standard aid packages saved 60 percent more, consumed 32 percent more, and expanded productive assets like livestock by 76 percent more. Cash recipients’ diets improved, and so did their children’s height, weight, and chances of survival.

2. Utah Heart Attack Victim Competes For Medical Care – When ICU beds and wings of hospitals are reserved for Covid patients, non-Covid emergencies are tabled.

3. Kill Your Gas Stove – “Homes with gas stoves can contain approximately 50 to 400 percent higher concentrations of NO2 than homes with electric stoves, often resulting in levels of indoor air pollution that would be illegal outdoors

4. Inside Dracula’s Castle – “In the 1960s, when Romania was ruled by a communist government, its tourism czars decided it could be advantageous to market a place associated with Vlad Tepes,” says local historian Nicolae Pepene. “They looked around at all of the available castles and decided that this castle at Bran, which guarded the one mountain pass running between Transylvania and Walachia, looked sufficiently Gothic.” (Bonus point: Poiana Brașov, a popular ski resort, is only eight miles away.)

5. Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler – What words were added to the dictionary in the year you were born? Quagga mussel, mixtape, force quit.

Graph of the Day:

4/2/20 Power Five

  1. America’s Work Obsession – “Even if Americans stayed home for the next several weeks, the average American would still finish the year having worked as many hours as Germans work in a typical year.”
  1. On Restaurant Margins – Recommended. Infographics break down financial statements from Boston’s Mei Mei.
  1. How Jay Powell’s Career Prepared Him for the Crisis – Bernanke was eminently prepared to deal with the last crisis as an expert on the Great Depression. Powell’s preparation – corporate law, Wall Street, and public service.
  1. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Original Watercolors for The Little Prince – “On July 31, 1944, he left on a reconnaissance mission, never to return. He was 44 years old when he perished – a biographical detail that lends eerie poignancy to the fact that, perched atop his little planet, the Little Prince watched the sun set exactly 44 times.”
  1. 15 Pastas to Make From Scratch – Quarantine is a perfect time to try something new.