Unemployment Claims

Another staggering claims release this week. So far, over 10 million people have applied for unemployment insurance in two weeks.

For reference, 9 million people lost their jobs during the Great Recession

I’m afraid we’re just getting started.

Unemployment Trends

A surreal look at the initial unemployment impacts. Will only get worse. If there’s any silver lining, this is a great test of current automatic stabilizers and is/will lead to a national conversation on how to improve the social safety net. Both parties can debate how big and small they need to be, but we have to discuss improvement.

From the AP

Suicide Rising in America

From The Economist. Rural areas impacted the most…how can you drive economic growth in the west? Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front has one of the strongest economies in the country while rural Utah experiences double digit unemployment. Is this inevitable? Opioids play a role, but can’t be the full story.

When was rural America ever truly “strong”?

Small Business Jobs

  • Thought this was fascinating – why have small business jobs declined since 2017? In hot job market, do workers gravitate towards larger firms who can pay more?
Wall Street Journal