The legends: Jerry Sloan, Scott & Frank Layden, and my wife, Jane

Welcome, it’s great to have you with us. My name is Cameron Archibald and I am an economist in Salt Lake City and currently the President and COO of a material handling service and consulting company. My career has taken me from the front office of an NBA team to appointed government positions on a federal, state, and international level. I’ve managed real estate investments for a family office and built the high-net-worth strategic and business development efforts for a NASDAQ Financial 100 regional bank.

When I’m not working, reading, surviving as a new parent, or spending a night in a tent somewhere in the West, I advise and serve on boards for companies looking to increase revenue and maximize their potential. We specialize in strategic planning, data analytics, and business development, serving clients in the professional sports, energy, real estate, transportation, and supply chain industries.

Econ Blog serves as the aggregate of all the interesting articles and books I come across. In our daily posts, we focus not on the timely, but the timeless. The five links we post a day come from all corners of the internet and point to broader themes in society and the global economy. My undergrad and now graduate research primarily focuses on inequality – income, wealth, opportunity, etc. so many articles and academic papers are included in the round up. However, you will find a broad spectrum of topics and my goal is to assist in expanding the number of quality inputs you read each day, provide worthwhile book recommendations, and help you learn something.

As a disclaimer, Cowboy Ventures is not a registered investment, legal, or tax advisor and any ideas or analysis presented herein should not be taken as advice. Additionally, as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Cameron J Archibald