5/27/21 Power Five

1. Inflation is Thankfully TransitoryYet, inflation is completely misunderstood today. Its definition has evolved over the years; however, many hold on to its old one which no longer applies. Inflation once meant the debasement of a monetary standard of value. Today, it simply means “price increases.” These are very different definitions with equally distant implications.

2. Poets in Myanmar are Being Jailed and Killed – “They started to burn the poets. But ash makes for more fertile soil.

3. Lockdowns Saved Lives Without Harming Economies As Austan Goolsbee and Chad Syversen of the University of Chicago said of their study of the economic slump during the pandemic, “The vast majority of the decline was due to consumers choosing of their own volition to avoid commercial activity.”

4. Shrek at 20 – “One of the major metaphors in the movie, “ogres are like onions,” might also reflect the layers of meaning fans have discovered in the storytelling. Arguments are still waged online over whether the movie is a commentary on gentrification or racism. But even on its surface, “Shrek” captures the essence of unlikely friendships and unsuperficial romance, making its happily-ever-after ending feel triumphant.

5. Subway Reorientation – “That’s a rat. Sometimes called “rail puppies” or “garbage furs,” these precious critters roam the subway, cleaning up the mess that humans leave behind. They are similar to the ones in your apartment, but even bigger and cuter! Although they are adorable, it’s important not to get too attached to one. They have very short life spans; hence the old adage “Never name a subway rat.”