5/26/21 Power Five

1. Are Government Benefits Contributing to Worker Shortages? – “Some workers are taking care of children or elderly relatives, while others may have health concerns about returning to work, particularly if the job involves interacting with the public and doesn’t offer paid sick leave. “Typically, where you have a labor market that has excess demand for workers, what’s needed is for employers to raise wages,” Lopezlira said. In economics, he explained, the “reservation wage” is the wage at which a worker will choose to accept a particular job rather than not work. “The reservation wage has changed for some of these workers.”

2. An Investment Bonanza Is Coming – “We find that global tech firms are expected to boost capex by 42% this year, relative to 2019. Apple will invest $430bn in America over a five-year period, an upgrade of 20% on previous plans. Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor-maker, recently announced that it would invest $100bn over the next three years in manufacturing. Analysts reckon that Samsung’s capex will rise by 13% this year, having gone up by 45% in 2020.”

3. 33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me – “There are professional habits and amateur ones. Which are you practicing? Is this a pro or an amateur move?”

4. Bob Dylan at 80 – “A dominant presence for more than sixty years, Dylan has made an indelible mark on the history of rock and roll, in part by not treating age and longevity like most here-and-gone performers. The New Yorker has covered him from the start.

5. Five Things My Roomba Does Better Than My Tesla – “My Roomba reduces my workload, which is exactly what I want an automated product to do. My Tesla? It just makes me trade one task for another. Instead of traditional driving, I have to learn new skills behind the wheel…like staying engaged when Autopilot is on, and predicting when it might hit something, then braking and/or turning the wheel before it does. This doesn’t make my life easier. In some ways, it makes my life more complicated. I love my Tesla, but in the product versus promise debate, Roomba wins by a mile.”

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