5/25/21 Power Five

1. The Texas Mask Mystery – “It had no effect in either liberal or conservative counties, nor in urban or exurban areas. The pro-maskers kept their masks on their faces. The anti-maskers kept their masks in the garbage. And many essential workers, who never felt like they had a choice to begin with, continued their pre-announcement habits. The governor might as well have shouted into a void.

2. Welcome to the Space Jam – “Space Jam happened at a moment in time when the internet was still whispering its promise.”

3. How Kanye Changed Wyoming – “If Kanye pulls out of here completely, Cody is still going to be on people’s mental map,” says Mayor Matt Hall. “They may be driving through the park and say, ‘Let’s go out the east entrance and see where Kanye moved.’ That kind of stuff will continue to help in the long run.”

4. What Activities Can Unvaccinated Children Do?“There is a higher risk of acquiring the infection indoors. Also, as more variants emerge, some of them may be more serious for the children.”

5. There’s a Reason Utah is Not on Ford or Apple’s Shortlist – “It starts with our underfunded schools, our determination to stick to a fossil-fuel economy and despoil public lands and a reputation, not fully deserved, for being hostile to minorities and newcomers.”

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