5/21/21 Power Five

1. Is it Time to Panic About Inflation? – “The implication: High asset prices and rising price inflation aren’t the same thing. Whether with asset prices or other aspects of inflation, being precise and detailed is a way to make the essential ephemerality of money a little more concrete.

2. The Ultimate Guide to the Creator Economy – “As many as 29% of American students no longer want to become bankers, doctors or lawyers. Instead, they aspire to become creators. At current rates, this trend could see a generational shift in the global workforce.

3. The Electrification of Everything – “…electrifying nearly all transport and buildings could contribute to doubling or more the amount of electricity used in the U.S. by 2050. That would lift electricity’s share of total energy used to close to 50% from about 20% today.”

4. Why the CDC Changed Its Advice on Masks – “We really need to practice being good at responding to changing situations.”

5. Flowers Are The Ultimate Status Symbol – “For years, this was the status quo: men painted women, women painted flowers. As the center of painting shifted from the Netherlands to France, men’s paintings of women ended up in the grand salons, while women’s paintings of flowers landed in the apartment foyers of the type of Parisians who attended the salons only to be shocked by the unveiling of Gustave Courbet’s “The Origin of the World.” One can hardly hang a vagina in a respectable entryway, unless it’s disguised as a flower, of course. But if women continued, disproportionately, to paint bouquets, it wasn’t necessarily by choice. As the French painter Marie Bracquemond, one of only three women to be featured in the Impressionist exhibitions, complained, women in art school in nineteenth-century Paris were assigned “only the painting of flowers, of fruits, of still lifes, portraits and genre scenes.” Formal painterly education for men, meanwhile, revolved around the anatomy of the nude—in particular, nude women.”

There continues to be more Realtors than homes for sale!