3/23/21 Power Five

1. Who Can and Can’t Get Vaccinated? – 67 countries are still waiting for vaccines. Meanwhile an 18-year-old in Shanghai can get jabbed, but a 70-year-old cannot.

2. Healthcare.gov Remains Messy – “The first step of the federal upgrade should be ready by April 1: Healthcare.gov, where people sign up for insurance in 36 states, will start showing prices that reflect the new policy. For more than five million Americans with lower incomes, health plans will be available for no monthly premium. For others who earn more, new discounts could be worth hundreds of dollars a month.

3. Redlined, Now Flooded“Contemporary maps for flood risk overlap in striking ways with New Deal–era maps used by the federal government to assess risk for mortgage lending. When appraisers mapped cities for the federal Homeowners’ Loan Corporation in the 1930s, they assigned grades to neighborhoods based on several factors, race high among them. Black and immigrant neighborhoods were deemed undesirable, marked by yellow or red lines designating these areas “declining” or “hazardous”—a racist practice known as redlining. These historically redlined neighborhoods suffer a far higher risk of flooding today, according to new research from Redfin, the Seattle-based real-estate brokerage.”

4. Martha Stewart is the Original Influencer – “Most people who tell you they’ve invented whole genres of things or were the “first” at anything are probably exaggerating. But with Stewart it’s generally true. She popularized beautifully photographed cookbooks and manuals for living well, of which she’s written 98, and created a lifestyle magazine centered around a single person and philosophy (Martha Stewart Living, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year), which she then tied to an Emmy-winning TV show. She brought luxurious homewares at affordable prices to big-box stores before anyone else did, and she figured out how to sell those goods through her magazine and TV show in a synergistic (“I love that word”), self-sustaining model of content and commerce she likens to a solar system.

5. Why Can’t Britain Handle the Truth About Winston Churchill? – “It is worth recalling that the uncritical Churchill-worship that is so dominant today was not shared by many British people in 1945, when they voted him out of office before the war was even completely over. Many working-class communities in Britain, from Dundee to south Wales, felt strong animosity towards Churchill for his willingness to mobilise military force during industrial disputes. As recently as 2010, Llanmaes community council opposed the renaming of a military base to Churchill Lines.”