2/10/21 Power Five

1. Inside the Worst Hit County, In the Worst Hit State, in the Worst Hit Country – “In Clute’s twenty-four years in public health, she had experienced nothing like this response. “Pretty much everything that we ever talked about when I went through training on how to manage pandemics and bioterrorism has played out in this,” she said. ‘With the exception that nobody ever talked about what to do if we weren’t able to convince the public that this was serious.’”

2. Stagflation Revisited – “But suppose something like this is true. In that case, the narrative that saw stagflation both as the cost of excessively ambitious macroeconomic policy and as a vindication of conservative economic ideas was mostly wrong. And that matters not just for history but for policy right now, which is still to some extent constrained by the fear of a 70s repeat. How do you ask someone to be the last worker to be unemployed for a mistake?”

3. America’s Mother’s are in Crisis – “You can also see the problem in numbers: Almost 1 million mothers have left the workforce — with Black mothers, Hispanic mothers and single mothers among the hardest hit. Almost one in four children experienced food insecurity in 2020, which is intimately related to the loss of maternal income. And more than three quarters of parents with children ages 8 to 12 say the uncertainty around the current school year is causing them stress.

4. This is How You Recover from Fascism – “I need to tell you that story — though you may find it a little baffling — because you need to understand that bringing the fascists to justice is the very first — and probably most necessary way — that societies reckon with fascism. Overcome it. Extinguish it. And bringing fascists to justice is about a special kind of justice — not just everyday charges of this and that, misdemeanours and felonies — because they’ve committed higher kinds of crimes.

5. Top 100 Economics Blogs – Somehow, we didn’t make the list. Maybe next year.

Bitcoin is 1/2 a Tulip (Ritholtz / Deutsche Bank)