1/26/21 Power Five

1. How WallStreetBets Pushed GameStop to the Moon – “Now it has, violently. GameStop, which isn’t expected to turn a profit before 2023, has seen its market value triple to $4.5 billion in three weeks, burning the skeptics whose any attempt to cover is likely to further propel its ascent.

2. The True Cost of Convenience – “This third-party delivery ecosystem has caused death by a thousand cuts for restaurants for the past two decades. As fees have ratcheted up, restaurants have been fighting a losing battle: What used to be a 5 percent per order fee for restaurants in the early 2000s rose to 15 percent by 2010 and stands closer to 30 percent today. It’s now at the point where Silicon Valley is dreaming up new real estate scenarios that would allow restaurants to actually make money on delivery — by housing them in separate ghost kitchen spaces, as opposed to in their brick-and-mortar restaurants — instead of actually fixing the underlying problems in the business model.

3. Total Eclipse – “Renewables are the proven zero-carbon technology where much of the capital funding the energy transitioned will be invested. Over the next 20 years, more than 4 terawatts of wind and solar power will come on stream globally, taking renewables’ share of the world’s power capacity to 30% from 10% today. Of this new capacity, some 2.6 TW will be solar.”

4. Down Payment, The Secret Economics of Your Winter Coat – “As well as scaling the highest peak, the down coat has travelled far more widely. The first commercial down-filled jacket was patented in 1940 by Eddie Bauer, intended for outdoor enthusiasts. Today, a coat invented for mountain explorers is more often used to protect the metropolitan masses from the elements. From Tokyo to Toronto we face the winter dressed in down, even if our main activity is to scurry a few city blocks. Duvet-coats are now sold by high street and designer brands alike. And fortunes have been made off the back of them: Canada Goose, which specialises in “extreme weather” wear, has built a multi-billion-dollar brand from its puffer coats; so has Moncler.

5. The Postal Service Survived the Election. But it Was Crushed by Holiday Packages – “The Postal Service delivered more than 135 million ballots and more than 1.1 billion holiday packages. But those extraordinary challenges have broadly strained the network.

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