1/11/21 Power Five

1. Wikipedia is 20 and it’s Reputation Has Never Been Higher – I remember in high school, teachers wouldn’t accept Wikipedia as an appropriate source…how about now? “On January 15th Wikipedia—“the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit”—will celebrate its 20th anniversary. It will do so as the biggest and most-read reference work ever. Wikipedia hosts more than 55m articles in hundreds of languages, each written by volunteers. Its 6.2m English-language articles alone would fill some 2,800 volumes in print. Alexa Internet, a web-analysis firm, ranks Wikipedia as the 13th-most-popular site on the internet, ahead of Reddit, Netflix and Instagram.”

2. 52 Places to Love in 2021 – NYT’s annual list. At what point will we feel comfortable traveling internationally again? 2022?

3. The Day Steph Curry Made 105 3-Point Shots in a Row – “Let’s suppose Curry has an unworldly 80% chance of making every 3-point shot he takes in practice. Even if he takes 500 consecutive 3-point shots, the chances of making 105 in a row is less than one in 200 million. Even if he has been taking 500 consecutive 3-point shots every day since he was 12 years old, the probability of a 105-shot streak is still only 0.000039. Even if 100 players with 80% accuracy have been taking 500 consecutive 3-point shots every day for 50 years, the probability of a 105-shot streak is still only 0.0049.” (That’s 1 in 204.) Unless, of course, Curry had a hot hand. Which he did.

4. How Traeger Grills Relaunched a 26-Year Old Business – “I recognized very quickly there was something special to Traeger. Without a marketing department, there was this small, self-organized community of passionate Traeger owners who really identified themselves with Traeger. That was the beginning of my discovery of Traeger. It had grown slowly and methodically over 26 years, but it never scaled. And that was the magic I didn’t know if I was capable of creating, but I believed it was a foundation. It had these really great bones of the business we could build upon.”

5. China’s Frozen Castles – Check out the pictures – 300 ice miners spent months building incredible ice sculptures.