11/12/20 Power Five

1. Other Countries Have Social Safety Nets. The U.S. Has Women – “Meanwhile, we’re paying far less attention to the challenges faced by mothers who are struggling to stay in the workforce while caring for their children at home. These women may face penalties in the workforce — being passed over for promotions or salary increases or being chastised by their bosses for failing to get work done. But these women are also taking serious hits to their relationships, their health, and their wellbeing.”

2. Revisiting the Origins of American Democracy – “Within the lifetime of, say, Noah Webster, an American born in 1758 and dead by 1843, the proportion of white men who were eligible to vote grew from less than half to nearly all. This sweeping extension of suffrage did not come all at once, with American independence or the ratification of the Constitution. It happened over decades, as new states entering the union adopted new and more democratic constitutions and old states revised theirs to eliminate property requirements for voting and to call for more direct and frequent elections. Meanwhile, the reputation of democracy as a form of government went from unutterably bad to unassailably good.

3. Joe Biden Would Not Remake America’s Economy – From October, “Over two-thirds of Fortune 500 firms are legally registered there thanks to its shareholder-friendly laws and tax rules. The Diamond State is home to the headquarters of some icons of 20th-century industry, including DuPont, some of whose workers lived in the suburb Mr Biden spent his teens in. His exposure to such folk may help explain his fondness for manufacturing and a more paternalistic capitalism.

4. Three Visitors Banned From Yellowstone After Cooking Chickens in Hot Spring – I mean, what else are the hot springs there for?

5. Steve Jobs Knew How to Write an Email – “Take your time when crafting an email. View it as an opportunity to really affect another person–whether it’s an attempt to persuade, influence, or further build the relationship. If it’s an important email, write a draft and then leave it alone. Come back to it later to re-read and edit. Try to read the email through the other person’s eyes.