11/11/20 Power Five

We’re back. More site updates coming soon.

1. Why You Shouldn’t Organize Your Email – “But what doesn’t work is this weird situation of, in trying to get your inbox to zero, you take your 17,000 emails and you start categorizing them and putting them into folders, which takes forever and makes precisely no difference in the likelihood you will find anything.”

2. No Vaccine for Cruelty – “The disease poses a grave and fast-moving threat to every nation. Governments have, quite reasonably, assumed emergency powers to counter it. But such powers can be abused. Governments have selectively banned protests on the grounds that they might spread the virus, silenced critics and scapegoated minorities. They have used emergency measures to harass dissidents. And they have taken advantage of a general atmosphere of alarm. With everyone’s attention on covid-19, autocrats and would-be autocrats in many countries can do all sorts of bad things, safe in the knowledge that the rest of the world will barely notice, let alone to object.

3. The First Woman to Free Climb El Capitan – Last week, Emily Harrington became only the fourth person, and first woman, to free climb El Cap in under 24 hours. “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

4. The Great Barrier Reef’s Coral That’s Taller than the Empire State Building“The pinnacles are ancient, he said, having grown slowly over millions of years to their current heights. Dr. Beaman said it happened as the seabed receded in step with Australia’s rocky footings moving downward over geologic time in a process known as continental drift. In response, the corals kept building new layers so their symbiotic algaewould be close enough to the surface to tap sunlight for photosynthesis. ‘They grow from the top down,’ he said of the pinnacles. “They keep clinging to this living zone.” Dr. Beaman added that the expedition had found hundreds of small peaks that failed to make enough new layers, which are known as drowned reefs.

5. Fireworks in Edinburgh, Church Bells in Paris, Celebrations Across the U.S., the World Celebrates a Biden Victory – A lovely reminder that the eyes of the world are always on the U.S.