10/23/20 Power Five

1. The 25 Most Spectacular Branding Fails of the Last 25 Years – The Pontiac Aztec, terrible Pepsi ads, and the ESPN phone.

2. How to Abolish Child Poverty – 14% of children in this country live in poverty – “For a mom and two children, that means annual income of less than $20,598. For two parents and three children, that means annual income less than $30,510.”

3. The United States of Dolly Parton – “I suppose I am a feminist if I believe that women should be able to do anything they want to.”

4. Chinese Military Appears to Prepare for Taiwan Invasion – “Beijing has sought to keep up the pressure on Taiwan with a series of exercises around the island, including a large-scale invasion drill last weekend and multiple air sorties that saw almost 40 fighters crossing the median line in the Taiwan Strait in a single day last month.

5. Doctors May Have Found New Organs in the Center of Your Head – “In addition to the three pairs of known large salivary glands, some 1,000 minor salivary glands are sprinkled across the lining of the mouth and throat. They are more petite and tougher to find through imaging or scanning than their heftier cousins. It’s possible that the Dutch researchers just happened upon a better way to image a set of underappreciated minor glands.”

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