10/14/20 Power Five

1. The $120 Billion Idea Behind This Year’s Nobel Prize in Economics – Congratulations to Stanford economists, Robert Wilson & Paul Milgrom for their life’s work on auction theory.

2. A $52,112 Air Ambulance Bill – “The Pennsylvania patient had no way of knowing that her helicopter, which transported her between two in-network hospitals, did not have a contract with her health insurance plan. Nor could she have known that the air ambulance service, owned by a private-equity firm, faces multiple lawsuits over its billing tactics.”

3. Early Voting Begins in Georgia – “Studies show that race is one of the strongest predictors of how long a person waits in line to vote…Residents of entirely-black neighborhoods waited 29 percent longer to vote and were 74 percent more likely to spend more than 30 minutes voting…Similarly, nonwhite voters are seven times more likely than white voters to wait in line for more than an hour to vote.”

4. America’s True Unemployment Rate – “To be officially counted as unemployed you need to be earning no money at all, and you need to be actively looking for work…If you measure the unemployed as anybody over 16 years old who isn’t earning a living wage, the rate rises even further, to 54.6%. For Black Americans, it’s 59.2%.”

5. The French Secret to Ratatouille, A Last Taste of Summer – “‘It is made with the five vegetables that every family can grow in its home garden,’ he said—nothing exotic, nothing hard to find (essential principle No. 1). He then counted them off, on his fingers: ‘Eggplant, red peppers, onions, tomatoes, and zucchini.’ (Plus garlic, which somehow is never treated as a sixth ingredient, even though no ratatouille can be made without it.)

From: Bloomberg