10/13/20 Power Five

1. His Airness vs. King James – Michael Jordan is 6-0 in the NBA Finals, LeBron now 4-6. Who’s the GOAT and why we’ll never agree.

2. How to Invest in Art – First off, don’t buy art in hopes of getting a return…while valuable and expensive, someone has to value the piece from an aesthetic and design point of view. Buy lots of art, buy local, buy through auctions, support your favorites – but do so because you love it.

3. Children’s Uninsured Rate Rises by Largest Annual Jump in a Decade – From Georgetown University – “approximately 726,000 more children without health insurance since the beginning of the Trump Administration when the number of uninsured children began to rise. much of the gain in coverage that children made as a consequence of the affordable Care act’s major coverage expansions implemented in 2014 has now been eliminated.”

4. Women Leaving the Workplace – “Between August and September, 1.1 million workers left their jobs. Of those, 865,000 were female.” In a country with stagnant wages and unaffordable childcare, women are forced to leave their careers in the middle of a pandemic, to take care of their children. What happens when these women want to rejoin the workforce? “Black women and Latinas both saw double digit unemployment rates in September at 11.1% and 11%, respectively, according to NWLC data. That’s compared to White men having an unemployment rate of 6.5% and White women having an unemployment rate of 6.9%.”

5. The Strange and Twisted Life of Frankenstein – “Among the many moral and political ambiguities of Shelley’s novel is the question of whether Victor Frankenstein is to be blamed for creating the monster—usurping the power of God, and of women—or for failing to love, care for, and educate him.

From: The Daily Shot