10/9/20 Power Five

1. 52 Places You Love – Normally, the NYT travel team puts together a list of the best places to travel that year. 2021 will look a little different.

2. What Happens When You Give Homeless People $7,500? – “On average, cash recipients spent 52 per cent of their money on food and rent, 15 per cent on other items such as medications and bills, and 16 per cent on clothes and transportation. Almost 70 per cent of people who received the payments were food secure after one month. In comparison, spending on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs went down, on average, by 39 per cent.”

3. Matt Levine Feature – A great article on Bloomberg’s star finance journalist. Highly recommend everyone subscribe to Money Stuff.

4. With Indoor Dining’s Return, Workers Must Choose Between Income and Health – “With continually high unemployment numbers for service industry workers, many feel they have no choice but to go back. Once again, waiters, bussers, and bartenders are on the front lines of exposure, many of them working without employer-provided health care.”

5. 12,000 Feet Up, With a Storm Coming In – What happens when you’re on top of the Tetons and a ice starts forming inside your tent?