10/4/20 Power Five

1. Saving Uighur Culture From Genocide – While the Chinese continue to hold a million Uighurs in internment camps and attempt to eliminate an entire cultural identity, some are rushing to preserve what’s left.

2. Canada Promises Free, Automatic Tax Returns – A similar proposal in the U.S. a few years ago was fiercely fought by TurboTax and others in order to keep the tax filing process opaque and complex. Canada continues to innovate and show how government can work for the betterment of the country. It’s a choice to be efficient and trusted. A choice we can make too.

3. 2022 Tesla S … Supercar? – The Plaid comes with three motors and goes 0-60 in under 2 seconds, making it as fast as the McLaren Senna. Better yet, a range of 520 miles.

4. The End of Ice – “There are a hundred and ninety-eight thousand glaciers in the world, and, while many of them have been studied extensively, the nine thousand in India remain mostly unexamined. On the Chinese side of the Himalayas, researchers have performed thorough surveys, but, according to one American scientist, “the other side of the Himalayas is a black hole.” The reasons are largely financial: India is a relatively poor country, and there are scant funds available for research.”

5. What My Sled Dogs Taught Me About Planning for the Unknown – “Working with dogs in the wilderness means negotiating countless shifting variables: snow and wind, wild animals, open water, broken equipment, each dog’s needs and changing mood. I learned that plans, when I made them, were nothing but a sketch; the only thing I needed to count on was that the dogs and I would make decisions along the way.