10/1/20 Power Five

1. Armenia & Azerbaijan – With over 100 dead in five days of fighting, Armenia and Azerbaijan appear to be headed into an all-out war. While you may not even be able to point them out on a map, this conflict could bring severe devastation and global powers into the mix – Turkey on one side, Russia on the other.

2. Who On Earth Can Work From Home? – “Globally, one of every five jobs can be performed from home. The ability to telework is correlated with income. In low-income countries, only one of every 26 jobs can be done from home. Failing to account for internet access yields upward biased estimates of the resilience of poor countries, lagging regions, and poor workers. Since better paid workers are more likely to be able to work from home, COVID-19 is likely to exacerbate inequality, especially in richer countries where better paid and educated workers are insulated from the shock.”

3. Nuclear Fusion Reactor Coming Soon? – “Fusion, in which lightweight atoms are brought together at temperatures of tens of millions of degrees to release energy, has been held out as a way for the world to address the climate-change implications of electricity production. Like a conventional nuclear fission power plant that splits atoms, a fusion plant would not burn fossil fuels and would not produce greenhouse-gas emissions. But its fuel, usually isotopes of hydrogen, would be far more plentiful than the uranium used in most nuclear plants, and fusion would generate less, and less dangerous, radioactivity and waste than fission plants.

4. Phillips Curve: Where Art Thou? – Why does low unemployment no longer raise inflation?

5. Tongue Eating Fish Parasites Never Cease to Amaze – Highly recommend you watch the embedded video…bizarre organism that eats a fish’s tongue to take residence in the mouth.