9/29/20 Power Five

1. “I Feel Sorry for Americans” – Incredible points of view from around the world. America used to be the standard, now it’s the outlier.

2. How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future – “Greenfield’s scientists compiled a set of “massive data” from election returns and public-opinion surveys going back to 1952, sorting voters into four hundred and eighty types, and issues into fifty-two clusters. Then they built what they sometimes called a voting-behavior machine, a computer simulation of the 1960 election, in which they could test scenarios on an endlessly customizable virtual population: you could ask it a question about any move a candidate might make and it would tell you how voters would respond, down to the tiniest segment of the electorate.

3. The Italian Fisherman Who Brought the Sea Back to Life – “Fishers would detonate homemade bombs underwater, harvesting the dead fish that floated to the surface. In the process, though, they were killing marine life, destroying the reef, and risking their lives. Plus most of the kill went to the seafloor, while clouds of dust filled the waters. According to Ciccolella, they thought they were plowing the sea for good.”

4. Netflix CEO Embraces No Rules, But Work is Anything But Chill – “Unlimited vacation. No dress code (just don’t show up naked). No approval needed for expenses. And if you criticize the company, you might get rewarded with a promotion…”Our IPO was at $1 about 20 years ago. Now we’re about $500,” he said. “We do attribute a lot of that to the culture.” – Reed Hastings’ new book @ Amazon

5. Is CEO a Two Person Job? – Speaking of Netflix, they are bucking the Silicon Valley trend and creating a Co-CEO position. Will this catch on?