9/9/20 Power Five

1. Why Every Year, But Especially 2020, Feels Like the Worst Year Ever – “Like many people, Eastwood had become obsessed with our world’s seemingly increasing danger—a response that has roots in our evolutionary development. Stories of fear and peril pique our anxiety. They put our brains on high alert, an advantage that once protected our early hominid ancestors from predators and natural disasters, but one that now leaves us “doomscrolling,” endlessly refreshing social media and online news to stay abreast of the latest threats. Our hearts race, and our minds keep constant vigil for the next perceived catastrophe. We yearn to feel prepared, so we become addicted to the updates, coming back for more until the world seems far worse than it ever has before.”

2. How Can We Pay for Creativity in the Digital Age?“There’s still plenty of money to be made in art, or writing, or music. It’s just not being made by the creators. Increasingly, their quest for personal artistic fulfillment is part of someone else’s racket.

3. Did Abenomics Work? – Abe Shinzo’s return to Japan’s PM seat left a mixed bag of results for the eastern power. Japan’s lack of new and innovative companies, the health and increasing age of citizens, being thrust into the impossible role of competing with China, etc etc. The sun may be setting on this world power without drastic intervention by the next leader.

4. The Case For Embracing Awkward Silence“Critical thinking calls for deep and careful consideration of a subject. It requires introspection and retrospection. It involves weighing and analyzing facts, and careful reasoning. And it results in making insightful connections. None of this is possible without time.

5. The Absolute Best Way to Make Pesto – Chopped? Blender? Mortar and pestle?