9/1/20 Power Five

1. The Case for Adding 672 Million More Americans – “If you tripled the population of the United States, adding the new Americans only to the Lower 48 and leaving Alaska and Hawaii intact and unchanged, the main part of America would be only about as dense as France and less than half as dense as Germany.”

2. Conquering the Great Divide – “One of the reasons the United States has been afflicted with the highest number of cases and deaths (at least as this goes to press) is because it has among the poorest average health standards of major developed economies, exemplified by low life expectancy (lower now than it was even seven years ago) and the highest levels of health disparities.”

3. The Queen’s Art Collection on Display – While Buckingham undergoes renovations, the public will get to see incredible works by Rembrandt, Titian, and one of only 35 Vermeers in the world. On view from December 2020 – January 2022.

4. The Red State That Isn’t Worried About a Mail-In Election – Done the right way, Utah has seen “very little fraud.”

5. WTF Happened in 1971 – Highly recommend. What was Nixon doing (or not doing) ?