8/31/20 Power Five

1. How the 2020 U.S Open Will Be Different – “While the Open thrives during the day, it really rockets to life when night falls—you haven’t fully experienced it until you’ve trudged off the grounds after midnight, click-clacking with the crowd across that wood-slatted bridge to the train, already exhausted for work in a few hours, but thrilled to have stayed up late.”

2. The Grand Old Meltdown – Its quote possible that for the first time in history, a major political party is not running on any policies. One example is that the beleaguered phrase “Obamacare” was not mentioned once during the convention. How does a party stay relevant when there’s little to be excited about?

3. The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals – A great list from Farnam Street…”Amateurs have goals, Professionals have a process.”

4. The Ruthless Rise of the Nazis in Berlin – “…a combination of street brutality and political smarts succeeded in catapulting the party past rival parties.”

5. The Land that Spawned the Supermarket Spud – Most of the world’s potatoes can be traced to a single Chilean island, off the coast of northern Patagonia.