8/30/20 Power Five

1. The Broken Algorithm that Poisoned American Transportation – Who knew? Traffic forecasters rely on a 70-year old model to determine efficiency and benefits of new projects. The only problem is, it doesn’t work.

2. The Fed’s Big Rethink on Monetary Policy – Historically, the Fed holds a dual mandate – promote price stability and full employment. But what happens when inflation no longer exists? The U.S. economy has not met its inflation target of 2% since announcing its intention in 2012. Certainly uncharted territory in monetary policy.

3. Pictures: Mysterious Deep Sea Life Below Antarctica – Penguins, plants, seals, and even octopuses live beneath the ice at the bottom of the world. Select “View Slideshow” at the top.

4. Blockchain, The Most Amazing Solution For Almost Nothing – “a bizarre journey to nowhere.”

5. Covid Is Dividing the American Worker – The “K” shaped recovery separates the haves from the have nots. Who gets to work from home, who takes advantage of all-time stock highs and rising 401ks, and who keeps their health insurance during a global pandemic?