8/28/20 Power Five

1. The Trump Presidency in Seven Metrics – in 2017, Bloomberg’s Noah Smith selected benchmarks to track during the coming four years. How has the country fared in manufacturing jobs, budget deficits, and even baby names?

2. Who is Epictetus? – A life as a slave to becoming the world’s most important philosopher.

3. Black Newborns More Likely to Die When Looked After by White Doctors – “Our study provides the first evidence that the Black-White newborn mortality gap is smaller when Black MDs provide care for Black newborns than when White MDs do, lending support to research examining the importance of racial concordance in addressing health care inequities.”

4. What to Know About Stuttering – Considering the recent coverage on Vice President Biden and his work to overcome his speech and obstacle, here is a fascinating look at this ailment that impacts 1-20 people.

5. Time to Browse 70 Years of IKEA Catalogs – In 1979, the Billy bookcase debuted…now, one unit is sold every five seconds.