8/26/20 Power Five

1. Most of Scottish Wikipedia Written by American in Mangled English – “Scots is an official language of Scotland. An administrator of the Scots Wikipedia page is an American who doesn’t speak Scots but simply tries to write in a Scottish accent.”

2. Why Some People Are Left Handed – “Handedness seems to be determined by a roll of the dice, but the odds are set by your genes.” Video also recommended.

3. This is a Mostly True Story About Business Cards – “Remarkably, business cards have fended off one technological advance after another, from US Robotics’ Palm Pilot — a handheld personal communications device rolled out in the late ’90s that went the way of cassette tapes — to various would-be card-killer apps that launched to great fanfare, only to quietly fold just a few years later.”

4. Jerry Seinfeld – So You Think New York is Dead? – “Real, live, inspiring human energy exists when we coagulate together in crazy places like New York City. Feeling sorry for yourself because you can’t go to the theater for a while is not the essential element of character that made New York the brilliant diamond of activity it will one day be again.”

5. Federal Reserve Economic Symposium – Every year, thousands of economists, heads of state, and financial juggernauts descend upon Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the annual symposium. This year, proceedings will be held virtually, this Thursday and Friday.