8/23/20 Power Five

We’re back. New site and exciting things on the way!

1. How Spotify and Tik Tok Beat Their Copycats – The magic of “complex continuous innovation.”

2. What on Earth is Group Economics – “I think it’s something Black people used to practice and don’t practice anymore. And our communities haven’t shown a positive result from us not practicing it. It’s creating a mechanism where their resources are tied together and they’re being moved in a position to positively help the communities we come from.”

3. How Tim Cook Made Apple His Own – How the world’s largest company keeps growing, despite Steve Jobs’ death nine years ago.

4. Why Britain is More Geographically Unequal Than Any Other Rich Country – “That upheaval, which was caused largely by the defection of white working-class voters to the Conservative Party, creates a political problem. Conservatives (like Labourites) have talked for years about the need to revive the poorest parts of Britain. Now, as Mr Stafford puts it, the party has skin in the game. If the Tories cannot work out how to improve the lives of their new supporters in left-behind places, they might not survive the next election.” – A lesson for Conservative America too.

5. Future Cars Worth Waiting For – Start saving!