7/6/20 Power Five

1. 3 Reasons the American Revolution Was a Mistake – Ah. Seasonal click bait. But I do agree on one account – that America’s system of government would be better and more efficient if under parliamentary rules and procedure instead of our current legislative body.

2. Priorities for a Covid Economy – Stiglitz’ latest: “When the pandemic arrived, American society was riven by racial and economic inequities, declining health standards, and a destructive dependence on fossil fuels. Now that government spending is being unleashed on a massive scale, the public has a right to demand that companies receiving help contribute to social and racial justice, improved health, and the shift to a greener, more knowledge-based economy.

3. The Broker Who Saved America – Chances are, you’ve never heard of Haym Solomon. But without him, the Continental Army would have ran out of money, effectively ending the revolution.

4. Tolstoy’s Essential Reading List – Tolstoy turned to books when dealing with a personal crisis, and in turn, wrote down essential books for each stage of life.

5. New Mexico: Land of Enchantment – 34 pictures of one of the most underrated states in the country. Taos, Santa Fe, Navajo Nation, etc.