6/29/20 Power Five

1. The Racial Wealth Gap Is About the Upper Classes – An important look into household wealth disparities by race. Great graphs and info.

2. China Forces Birth Control on Uighur to Suppress Population – “Education” and labor camps, indoctrinating children, and now severely limiting the legal access to have children – the Uighurs are facing tremendous hardship and world leaders seem to be turning the other cheek.

3. The Real Cost of Amazon – “Would customers pay more and accept slower delivery times if it meant Amazon would support and pay its workers more? Do we want to live, work, and shop in an economy where more and more businesses are emulating Amazon’s business model, and where more people depend on fast-paced warehouse and delivery work to make their livelihoods? Or will politicians, Amazon’s own employees, and, most importantly, consumers demand changes from the company — and the economy in which it thrives?”

4. The Fall of Under Armour – Another tale of a company refusing to pivot while their industry undergoes a huge transformation. UA is stuck in quick sand as their stock price has fallen from $40 in 2016, to just $8 now.

5. Ray Dalio’s Advice to Young Adults in Quarantine – “I’d feed my curiosities, stay in touch with people I care about, and meditate.” His book, Principles, remains one of my most recommended and gifted books.