6/26/20 Power Five

1. $15 Minimum Wage and the EITC – A deep dive into the shortcomings of the Earned Income Tax Credit and where policy and the private sector fall short for low-wage workers.

2. Wallace Stegner and the Conflicted Soul of the West“But Stegner trafficked neither in the tall tales of popular culture nor in the mythologies of Manifest Destiny, and was a lifelong and outspoken critic of the ways the West, as an abstract notion and a living environment, had been distorted, misunderstood and abused. Stegner was critical of the individualistic ethos of the West in all its manifestations: romantic, entrepreneurial and countercultural. Sometimes that makes him sound like a left-wing critic of capitalism, sometimes like the deepest kind of conservative. His commitments to ecology, family and community against the forces of modern economic development leave him jarringly and thrillingly resistant to the ideological pigeonholing that has become our dominant form of cultural analysis.”

3. How to Disinfect Everything in Your Home – Remember in March when everyone said this would die off in the summer?

4. RIP Segway – End of an era – somehow everyone heard of (and potentially made fun of) the Segway. The only time you would see a Segway was tourists bumping along Europe’s cobblestone city centers on a guided tour. Would the rampant scooter infestation the last few years have happened with the Segway?

5. An Old West Town is For Sale…In New Zealand – Incredible pictures from a 900 acre ranch that features a replica 1860 Wyoming frontier town and a massive Manuka honey operation. Yours for $7.5 million.