6/25/20 Power Five

1. 30% of Americans Missed a Housing Payment in June – “Columbia University researchers estimate that homelessness could increase by 40 and 45% this year over where it was in January 2019.”

2. The Confederacy Wasn’t What You Think – “Whatever way you look at it, it is impossible to turn this history and its leading figures into a part of American heritage. Founded in an act of treason against the government its leaders had sworn to protect and serve, the Confederate States of America and its white-supremacist government waged a four-year war against the United States of America and the principles Americans value most highly.”

3. Ancient Rome and a Volcano 6,000 Miles Away – A fascinating argument that a volcano’s eruption caused not only sudden climate disruption but social upheaval.

4. How Apples Go Bad – Analogous to the debate today. “The closer an apple is to rot, the more rot it spreads—one spoiling apple, in a crisper drawer or a fruit bowl, or a storage barrel or a cross-country shipping container, or even still hanging on the bough, speeds the rot of every apple it touches, and even of ones it doesn’t touch.

5. The Fat Bears Are Back, With Some Enticing Plot Lines – The highlight of every summer is when Katmai National Park in Alaska, turns on the bear cameras for the incoming salmon run.