6/23/20 Power Five

1. This is the Best American Policy in 50 Years – Giving cash to families in need actually works. Who knew?

2. The Celebrities Are Not All Right – If there’s a group of people who’s societal stock and value plummeted the last few months, it’s influencers and celebrities. It will be interesting to see if we return to the hero worship and tabloid frenzy of celeb’s every day activities.

3. Trying to Fend Off Covid in a Land That Has Run Out of Water – When cleanliness is of upmost importance, how do you balance washing your hands, showering, laundry, food prep, and drinking when water is in short supply? This is the reality for many in Caracas right now. “We went looking for water at a spring near our house and stood in line for 12 hours…I save water in tubs and pots all over our house. I’m an expert at showering with a 2-liter Coke bottle. I even have some water left over in the end.

4. Hummingbirds Navigate an Ultraviolet World We Never See – “Hummingbirds were already impressive. They move like hurried insects, turn on aerial dimes and extract nectar from flowers with almost surgical precision. But they conceal another talent, too: seeing colors that human eyes can’t perceive.

5. Top 100 Economics Blogs of 2020 – I don’t know how you all found me, but I’m really glad you’re here. Big changes coming soon!