6/17/20 Power Five

1. Aspen Institute’s Economic Recovery Plan – Tim Geithner, Jason Furman, and others put forward their plan to reignite the economy.

2. 33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me on the Way to 33 – Ryan Holiday publishes this list every year and it’s always a must read. “You could be good today. But instead you choose tomorrow.” – Marcus Aurelius.

3. How Utah’s Tech Industry Tried to Disrupt Covid Testing – Tech’s mantra is to move fast and break things. Can we still hold that belief when it puts people’s lives at risk?

4. An Interview with the 2020 Recipient of the John Bates Clark Award – One of the most prestigious awards in the economics field, the Clark medal is given to a researcher under 40 who is making significant contributions to their field. This year’s winner, Melissa Dell, focuses her efforts within the nexus of history, political economy, and development and the role institutions play.

5. Tencent is Building a Monaco-sized City of the Future in Shenzhen – 22 million sq ft development that will serve the tech and entertainment company’s incredible growth trajectory.