6/13/20 Power Five

1. Is There Really a Looming Bank Collapse? – This piece responds to the Atlantic article we posted a few days ago. Will collateralized synthetic obligations bring down the banking system?

2. The Real Story About Asymptomatic People and Whether They Spread Coronavirus – Headlines rushed to report the WHO’s comment that asymptomatic patients were not contagious. A statement they later walked back, but the damage was already done.

3. A New Tool Emerges to Untangle Complexity of Medical Supply Chains – The Asian Development Bank created an incredible tool that breaks down the components of medical equipment, where they come from, etc. in an effort to assist those looking for medical equipment. As the world relies more and more on international trade, expect a greater need for supply chain transparency.

4. What America Can Learn From the Nordic Police – “We probably would not be able to get all the way down to Norway’s microscopic murder rate, but we might get halfway there — though it’s worth noting that in the 1940s Finland’s murder rate was nearly as high as the American one is today, and has since been cut by about two-thirds.”

5. What is the Link Between Inflation and Equity Returns? – “Take Zimbabwe. In 2008 it suffered an inflation rate in the squillions. Prices doubled every few weeks, then every few days. Banknotes were so much confetti. Some people turned to equities as a store of value. A share purchased on Monday might be sold on Friday. Harare’s stock exchange was almost like a cash machine.”