6/12/20 Power Five

1. The Stark Racial Inequality of Personal Finances in America – An important back drop to understanding the current racial equality movement. No matter the stage of life, Black households have lower income than their White peers.

2. How Four Americans Robbed the Bank of England – “In Victorian London, a gang of U.S. hustlers attempts a ten-million-dollar heist on the safest bank in the world. Can the detective who inspired Sherlock Holmes catch them?”

3. Permanent Assumptions – “Amazon is successful because it predicted how the world would change. But it’s been really successful because it bet heavily on what wouldn’t change – a permanent assumption.” Highly recommend.

4. “Can A Nine Year Old Become the Youngest Chess Grandmaster? – From fleeing Boko Haram to being homeless on the streets of Manhattan. Now, a chance to make history.

5. Untangling Andy Warhol – A fascinating look at one of the most misunderstood artists of our time. And it all starts with a $1.25 Baby Brownie Special camera.