6/9/20 Power Five

1. America, This Is Your Chance – I’ve often thought that if Rome and other great civilizations before could fall, why not the U.S.? And this is so much more than Trump. America needs a drastic overhaul of just about everything.

2. Book Authors Are Getting Real About How Much They Are Paid – #publishingpaidme has been a fascinating tag the last few days on Twitter. The whole advance and royalty process is fascinating, but a quick browse shows that women and authors of color make much less than their white counterparts.

3. BooksExpo Proves You Can Have a Trade Show in a Pandemic, Virtually – When this is all said and done and life returns to how we once knew it, what will revert back to normal and what will be permanently changed?

4. Central Asian Governments Don’t Know How to Talk About China – Between the Belt and Road initiative and seeing how China treats Hong Kong, Central Asia is worried about how to feed the beast without getting your hand eaten.

5. We’re Finally Going to Explain AirDrop to You – One of my most underutilized features.