6/4/20 Power Five

1. We Wasted Our Chance for a V Shaped Recovery – With an ongoing pandemic and a government unwilling to provide the kind of stimulus and support needed, the U.S. economy will stay deflated as 20 million plus remain out of work.

2. How the NBA Negotiated It’s Return – All about relationships…Pure luck that Chris Paul and Disney Chairman, Bob Iger are friends. Basketball is back July 31.

3. Fake News Fools More Conservatives Than Liberals. Why? – “Conservatives have responded by tuning in to their own media sources, which have found that there is money to be made in amplifying their fears. American talk-radio punctuates paranoid chat with ads for dubious health remedies (Alex Jones, a Texas-based radio host, was recently ordered to stop selling toothpaste which he claimed “kills the whole SARS-corona family at point-blank range”). Cable channels such as Fox News and websites like Breitbart have drawn audiences by bringing fringe theories into the mainstream. Most recently, social networks’ algorithms have steered people towards polarising content, which is more likely to provoke “engagement” and thus generate ad impressions. In 2018 an internal report at Facebook warned that users were being pointed to divisive material. Yet plans to highlight less controversial posts—a project dubbed “Eat Your Veggies”—were sidelined, partly because of concerns that the changes would affect conservative users more than others, according to the Wall Street Journal. Some 16% of Americans get their covid-19 news directly from the White House; three-quarters of those who do so think the media have exaggerated the seriousness of the pandemic.”

4. We Need a Stress Test for Critical Supply Chains – On two interesting supply chain methodologies, Time to Recover and Time to Survive. Banks were stress tested after the financial crisis – should critical supply chains be subject to scrutiny too?

5. Trying Tik-Tok Life Hacks – Your weekend to-do list.