6/3/20 Power Five

1. How to Reform American Police – Outside of authoritarian regimes, why does the systemic racism and targeted police violence and murder only happen in America?

2. Troll Farms from North Macedonia and the Philippines Pushed Covid Disinformation on Facebook – Zuck knows he has a big problem on his hands, yet seems completely uninterested in finding solutions to Facebook’s disinformation problem. And since we didn’t learn anything from 2016, trolls will be bigger and more destructive than ever this election cycle.

3. Survey Shows Big Remote Learning Gaps For Low-Income and Special Needs Children – Only 40% of low income children are accessing remote learning as little as once a week or less. Of those households making >$100k, 83% of those children are accessing distance learning everyday.

4. How to Make this Moment the Real Turning Point for Real Change – President Obama’s take on the current environment.

5. The World is Still Far From Herd Immunity – Just a reminder that a global pandemic is still ongoing. A common “solution” from some is to reopen everything and push for herd immunity since infection is inevitable. NYT with some great graphics to illustrate how far we are from that point.