6/1/20 Power Five

1. Lynchings a Century Ago Affect Black Voting Behavior Today – The EPI reports a relationship in counties with lynchings a century ago and the impact on voter registration today.

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Op-Ed: “You start to wonder if it should be all black people who wear body cams, not the cops.”

3. Joe Biden, the Moderate, Plans the Most Radical Economic Overhaul Since FDR: As we’ve mentioned before, Covid and now the protests illustrate the dire need for a New New Deal for the 21st Century.

4. The Perils of Hooverism – “The broader lesson for today is that depressions are sticky. Today as in 1932, tens of millions of people have been ruined, and those who haven’t are anxious about their own financial position. They will tend to save any excess income rather than spending it, to cushion themselves as well as possible. (We saw this from 2010-2013 as well to a lesser extent.) Therefore, to restore prosperity, the government will have to spend whatever it takesto restore full employment, backed by the Federal Reserve. Only when jobs and income are plentiful will people relax and resume their normal activities.”

5. How to Plan Your Day Like Marcus Aurelius – The Stoic philosophies of the Roman Emperor live on as sales of his journal, Meditations, are up 28% in Q1. He instills the virtues of patience and peace, reminds us of the importance of keeping a journal, and encourages everyone to get up early and get to work. Highly recommend thumbing through during this difficult time.