5/30/20 Power Five

1. Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping To Turn Protests Into a New Civil War – Armed and ready for a revolution, about 80% of those arrested in Minnesota last night lived outside the state.

2. Amazon’s Big Break Down – “As of its most recent disclosure, Amazon employed 840,400 workers around the world. More than 150 million people subscribed to Prime, paying an annual fee in exchange for, among other things, access to free, fast shipping. In recent years, Amazon has been scaling up aggressively in virtually every dimension that matters: Each year, its systems are bolstered to handle more people, more demand, more volume, more stress. Since 2014, its revenue has tripled.”

3. Your Professional Decline is Coming Much Sooner Than You Think – “Almost all studies of happiness over the life span show that, in wealthier countries, most people’s contentment starts to increase again in their 50s, until age 70 or so. That is where things get less predictable, however. After 70, some people stay steady in happiness; others get happier until death. Others—men in particular—see their happiness plummet. Indeed, depression and suicide rates for men increase after age 75.”

4. Clorox and Lysol Want to Kill Germs – and Eachother – “The Capulets and Montagues of the toilet bowl.”

5. A Way to Help Workers, Now and in the Future – Marshall Steinbaum on the current unemployment benefit response and why we can and should learn from the response of other countries.