5/27/20 Power Five

1. Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President – The President’s attack on The Atlantic seemed out of the blue last night. I went back to see what The Atlantic had recently posted and found this article. “As the writer Windsor Mann has noted, Trump behaves in ways that many working-class men would ridicule: “He wears bronzer, loves gold and gossip, is obsessed with his physical appearance, whines constantly, can’t control his emotions, watches daytime television, enjoys parades and interior decorating, and used to sell perfume.”

2. How Singapore Plans to Survive World’s Impending Food Crisis – With only .9% of its land mass designated for agricultural use, Singapore is doubling down on ensuring food security remains a priority.

3. Can We Escape From Information Overload? – “ DM! Breaking-news! Inbox (1)! This is a time of the scrolling, bottomless visual, when bus stops and the curved walls of Tube platforms play video adverts and grandma’s face swims onto a smartphone to say hi. People watch Oscar-nominated movies while standing in queues, their devices held at waist height. A Netflix executive can quip, semi-seriously, that he covets the hours we sleep (hours in which we do not, currently, stream Netflix shows). Apple has put an extra screen on our wrists and Google retains quiet hope that we will eventually wear a screen inside our specs. Big news lands in 140 characters or less, ideally with a startling picture or piece of video, else it doesn’t register as big news.”

4. Goodnight Zoom – The new normal.

5. 30 Movies That Are Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before – “These films, each unforgettable in its own way, are essential viewing.”