5/23/20 Power Five

1. Bill Gates’ Summer Book Recommendations – A must read each season, one of the most brilliant and important people on earth shares what he’s reading and thinking about.

2. Picasso’s Blue Period – Short video on Picasso’s most famous creative period.

3. This is Water – If you haven’t read David Foster Wallace’s timeless speech, you’re in luck.

4. Jacinda Ardern Sold a Drastic Lockdown With Straight Talk and Mom Jokes – It’s amazing what can happen when a government works for its citizens and its citizens respond. New Zealand’s kids can register for summer camps while the U.S. still argues over face masks.

5. 7 Board Games From Around the World – “With the games below — one for each day of the week — you can immerse yourself in Renaissance Florence, visit hot springs in Edo-period Japan, help design the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, wind your way through a bazaar in Istanbul and trek across national parks like Acadiaand Canyonlands.”