5/21/20 Power Five

1. The Big Failure of Small Government – “countries with mission-driven governments have fared better in the COVID-19 crisis than have countries beholden to the cult of efficiency. Effective governance, it turns out, cannot be conjured up at will, because it requires investment in state capacity.”

2. The Greatest Commencement Addresses of All-Time – A wonderful list of links from commencements gone by. Highly recommend.

3. Ramadan in Quarantine – Normally a very social holiday, Muslims now trying to adapt to current limitations.

4. What are the Roots of Global Inequality? – The latest book review of Piketty’s latest which, “it moves from an account of wealth accumulation in the most advanced economies over the last few centuries to a sprawling exploration of inequality worldwide going back to the Middle Ages.” On Sale @ Amazon

5. Michael Jordan Faced Better Competition Than LeBron James – MJ, Kobe, or LeBron? The debate will never end.