5/20/20 Power Five

1. The Law of Supply and Demand Isn’t Fair – Richard Thaler on market efficiency and “fairness”.

2. How Stanford Lost Its Soul – As the Ivy of the West, Stanford is king in the Valley and contributes immensely to the national discussion. But what happens when they begin to veer from their core mission? Or as it appears, completely change that long standing tradition?

3. Homeschooling in the World’s Tiniest Apartments – A stellar Bloomberg feature on inequality of internet access and educational attainment, the long term impact of poorer students falling behind, and trying to quarantine in a 100 sq ft apartment.

4. Stewed Awakening – “Who gets to use the global pantry or introduce “new” international ingredients to a Western audience? And behind that is an even more uncomfortable query: Can the aspiration that has become central to the culinary arts ever not be white?”

5. The Purpose of Poetry – JFK’s eulogy for Robert Frost in 1963. At the time it was written that JFK “identified himself, as no president before him has done so poignantly, with books and men of learning.”