5/18/20 Power Five

1. The Myths of the Earned Income Tax Credit – This article has caused a stir in every corner of the Econ Twitter-sphere. More to come.

2. The Shape of the Pasta Industry – Farm to table isn’t so easy. On the pasta supply chain and why the pasta shelves at the grocery store are still empty.

3. My Brother’s Death Didn’t Have to Happen – Elizabeth Warren on losing her brother to CV19. “It’s always hard to lose someone you love. But to lose someone when you have to wonder: What were their last days like? Were they afraid? Were they cold? Were they lonely? That is a kind of grief that is new to all of us. And my brothers won’t get over this. They just won’t. None of us will.”

4. Congress’s Biggest Obstacle – …”the CBO score can define whether legislation lives or dies, even though the score doesn’t characterize a bill’s goals, just the budgetary impact.”

5. Almost Everything in Dr. Strangelove Was True – Who gets to decide when to use a nuclear bomb and does the President have to know?