5/14/20 Power Five

1. Jeffrey Sachs on America’s Response – Development economist on America’s decline and why some poorer countries have avoided outbreaks.

2. The Enduring Legacy of John Maynard Keynes – New biography of the famous economist. It’s difficult to put into words how large an impact he had on history. This book provides a fresh take on his life and career. Amazon

3. What’s Next? – 200 CEOs share their opinion on what lies around the corner.

4. A Regimen for Reëntry – Whenever Atul Gawande publishes an article, it’s a must read. This one is no different.

5. Labor Market Concentration White Paper – Marshall Steinbaum, Jose Azar, and the great Ioana Marinescu published a new paper this week. They find that the more concentrated a labor market, the lower wages are.