5/13/20 Power Five

1. Don’t Blame Econ 101 for the Plight of Essential Workers – We can’t deny how important grocery store employees, janitors, health care aids, etc etc have been during the last few months. So why do we pay them so poorly?

2. 19th Century Illustrations of the Great Barrier Reef – One of the most magical places on earth.

3. College Faculty Are Speaking Out Against Billionaire Donors – Universities across the country are being inundated with huge donations. The problem? These donors want a say in curriculum.

4. The Psychology of Prediction – “It is hard to think of the history of the twentieth century, including its large social movements, without bringing in the role of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong. But there was a moment in time, just before an egg was fertilized, when there was a fifty-fifty chance that the embryo that became Hitler could have been a female. Compounding the three events, there was a probability of one-eighth of a twentieth century without any of the three great villains and it is impossible to argue that history would have been roughly the same in their absence. The fertilization of these three eggs had momentous consequences, and it makes a joke of the idea that long-term developments are predictable.”

5. The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends – A weird report on an even weirder corner of the internet. “What moral lesson are kids supposed to learn from this? Do as you’re told or you will be entombed forever in the darkness to die?”