5/11/20 Power Five

1. How this Chair Conquered the World – We’ve all used this particular chair…but why?

2. I Just Flew. It Was Worse Than I Thought It Would Be – “The things we miss most about our pre-pandemic lives—dine-in restaurants and recreational travel, karaoke nights and baseball games—require more than government permission to be enjoyed.”

3. Biden is Planning an FDR-Size Presidency – “He may look like a milquetoast moderate to the activist left and maybe even to you, but the party — and world — has changed so fast that even his primary platform puts him well to the left of Obama in 2008 and, in many ways, left of Hillary Clinton in 2016.”

4. The Hydrogen Economy’s Time Is Approaching – As oil collapses, just remember there are alternatives.

5. The Secret Lives of Fungi – …”the American diet includes more mushrooms than it used to—about four pounds per person a year, a gradual increase from just one in the sixties.”