5/9/20 Power Five

1. Literature & Inequality – Branko Milanovic on how Darcy and European literature provide a historical background to the inequality debate.

2. Why Did Canada Succeed While the U.S. Didn’t? – Long story short, and this is becoming a recurring theme, because Canada chose to keep a functioning government.

3. When You Have No Idea What Happens Next – “The correct lesson to learn from surprises is that the world is surprising.”

4. Chetty’s Latest Paper – To track the economic impact of Covid, Chetty et al have built a dashboard using data from credit card processors, payroll, job sites, and financial service firms.

5. A Philosopher-Banker Who’s Shaking Up a Nation – “Overnight, the wonkish and reclusive Mr. Coutinho became a hero for Suriname’s beleaguered and shrinking civil society, helping ignite the country’s biggest protest in years.”