5/7/20 Power Five

1. What Will it Take for Restaurants to Survive? – “My concern is, once you’re open, how do you last for a year? So many restaurants will open, and then in six months they’ll close and they won’t open again. Just like there could be a whole second wave of the illness, there’s going to a whole second wave of closures.”

2. The Obscure Rule Discouraging Foundations Trying to Fight CV19 – Big foundations must give away 5% every year, but more and more, foundations have made that the ceiling too.

3. The Stock Market is Not the Economy – 30 million out of work, global economy on the rocks, thousands dead…and the markets are up.

4. Money for Welfare Instead Funded Concerts, Lobbyists, and Football Games – Mississippi takes funds meant for needy families and thinks a better use is to instead route them to Brett Favre?

5. The Humbling of Exxon – “Exxon produces about 4 million barrels a day—essentially the same as 10 years ago…Once the undisputed king of Wall Street, Exxon today is worth less than Home Depot has less than half the revenue.